Changing the Direction of Advertising

Changing the Direction of Advertising

ZYNG MEDIA can make your business stand out from out from your competitors.  With monitor locations expanding throughout the U.S., you can display your advertising message on HDTV monitors in your local community catching the eyes of YOUR consumers. 

More and more advertisers are turning to digital advertising. Why? Because it works:

  • 86% of media buyers are projected to use digital media in 2008.
  • 20% annual growth rate for digital advertising spending.
  • $1.69b ad spending on alternative digital media in 2006,
  • Over 88% of people thought digital screens enhanced the stores' image
  • 57% felt they had learned something from the display
  • Digital signage advertising intercepts people throughout their daily routines
  • 44% of adults report that they pay attention to digital signage advertising
  • 2nd lowest annoyance factor among all media
  • Drives action!

Digital video networks generated $1 billion in client spending in 2006 and annual growth will surpass 25%.  By 2012, ad spending on Digital video networks will be greater than $3 billion. (PQ Media)

Let ZYNG MEDIA set you free from the high cost of traditional advertising.  The creation of Digital Media has opened a new dimension of COST EFFECTIVE advertising.   With our low cost media we have successfully taken the 'sting' out of spending your hard earned advertising dollars and can get you the results you are searching for in marketing.


Are you interested in becoming a host location?

ZYNG MEDIA is always looking for new host locations.  Receive special discounts on advertising with ZYNG MEDIA when you qualify as a host location.  Email or call us for details.

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